How To Play Online Bingo

Thanks to the modern, digital age we live in, it is no longer necessary to travel to a local bingo hall in order to indulge in some bingo action - it is now possible to slob out on the sofa and play from home!

Bingo has always been a source of escapism, a fantastic leisure activity after a hard day of work. Playing bingo brings people together and provides excitement and just the right amount of thrill whilst remaining good value entertainment. This is all true of both the good old fashioned land based bingo and the modern day variety, like we offer online, here at Igloo Bingo.

We have created this page for those of you who are new to playing bingo online, we are confident that once armed with the basics, you will be on your way in no time - it really is dead easy and if you mastered the traditional version, the online equivalent will be a breeze.

How to Play Bingo Online?

First things first, register yourself at a reputable, licensed bingo site, such as here at Igloo Bingo. The registration process is initiated by clicking ‘Join Now’. Next, you will be asked to provide a number of personal details which we will use to open your personal player account.

Once you are a member you will have access to our bingo lobby, where you can choose from a whole variety of different bingo games, each in different rooms. Pick a room and then select a number of cards to purchase, the higher the number bought, the better your chances of calling bingo. If the room you have chosen is of the 90 ball variety, then once the game begins the first call will be made, which will be followed by a further 89 calls. In reality, the caller will most likely never get to the ninetieth call, as someone will have called bingo!

Thanks to the advanced technology which we use here at Igloo Bingo, you will not have to monitor your cards as closely as in land based bingo halls. This is because we offer a feature called ‘auto daub’, where we will mark your numbers for you as they are called! This will free up your time to enjoy chatting in our busy chat rooms or playing your favourite slot game at the same time.

If you do find yourself struggling to get the hang of things here at Igloo Bingo, fear not! Our team of friendly eskimos are close at hand to give you all the assistance you need, via a range of different contact methods.

Hopefully the buttons below will help you along your way, here at Igloo Bingo:

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